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How to Build a Successful Blog — A Beginners Guide to Build a Successful Blog in 10 Easy Steps — Crazy Passive Income

How to Build a Successful Blog — A Beginners Guide to Build a Successful Blog in 10 Easy Steps — Crazy Passive Income
A Beginners Guide to Build a Successful Blog in 10 Easy Steps — Crazy Passive Income


How to Build a Successful / Profitable Blog — A Beginners Guide to Build a Successful Blog in 10 Easy Steps — Crazy Passive Income

If you want to build a successful blog, you’re one step closer to building a great community and possibly a good if not a crazy passive income. But there are so many variables that it’s hard for a beginner to build the right footing—Domain name, hosting, blogging platforms, blog theme, plugins, and writing-type stuff.

However, nothing among these should stop you from starting a blog. Do you know why? Because You don’t need to be an expert at all.

What you need is basic knowledge of WordPress and to write in a conversational and informational tone. 

You need to put your ideas, experiences, or expertise into words. It’s as simple as that!

So, let’s see how you can build a successful blog from scratch and reach the epitome!

Why Blogging?

The first thing is obviously clear, “Money” that everyone loves. But is it the only thing? No, there are many reasons that would allure you to start your blog.

It allows like-minded people. You can teach your readers and learn from their comments, which is the best thing.

Business branding is essential nowadays. You can gain tons of recognition and authority if you own your personal experience and ideas in the form of a blog. 

It’s a huge opportunity to educate your customers about your products and business to help them pass the TOFu, MOFU, and BOFu marketing funnels easily, making them your potential customers.

Most people love sharing their stories and ideas. Whether part-time or full-time blogger, you can generate considerable passive income by blogging.

10 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Blog as a Newbie

Here are the ten steps you need to follow:

1. Start Here - Niche Overview

Having a successful mindset is very important in every kind of business. To awaken that spirit, always do a quick start research about what you are going to do.

Search about your competitors, and before that, search about your niche. Set some goals for yourself and be consistent because the journey is long but worth it.

Niche selection is essential because you need to address what people admire and be very specific about what you are trying to discuss.

Stats say that almost 99% of bloggers quit due to their wrong niche selection. The major mistake is either choosing a broad or a bad niche. Use these simple tips:

  1. Always try to focus on a narrow space covering a straightforward topic. For Example, instead of writing on “How to learn online?” try to cover “how to learn coding online” if it belongs to your expertise.
  2. Use the 777 methods to brainstorm niche ideas quickly. 
  • Write your 7 passions, 7 problems, and 7 fears on a paper.
  • Choose any ten ideas from the shortlisted 21.
  • Go to Semrush, enter these keywords, and select the one you find profitable and appropriate.
  1. Try to solve people’s problems in your blog.

Some profitable niches are:

  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Personal development or self-help
  • Lifestyle
  • Real estate
  • Fitness
  • Making money online
  • Education

2. How to Pick the Most Profitable Niche for Blogging in 2023 — Simplified!​

Are you confused about picking the best profitable niche for blogging? Understandably, picking the most profitable niche for blogging in 2023 comes with challenges and is also probably the most important part of successful blogging.

Since you are just starting, you need to keep your aims low and tread lightly in order to avoid getting shot down by big and widely spread websites. 

Yet you also need to pick a niche with a larger audience to make an impact. Hence, this line is very thin, but if you play your cards right, the destination is certainly rewarding too. 

For more success, I will guide you to find the most profitable niche for blogging so that you can give your blogging journey a kickstart!

Before getting into learning how to pick the most profitable niche for blogging, it is important for us to discuss what a niche actually is. A niche is a topic or area on which a blogger specializes and prefers to write and appeal to his audience. 

Selecting a top profitable niche narrows down your content ideas and makes it easier for you to achieve your writing goals. Moreover, since your blog would be associated with a specific niche, your audience will get the right idea of your blog and would prefer it as a source of information whenever required.

It is important that every blogger picks the best profitable niche for blogging in order to earn and expand their blog. 

A huge part of it is that the blogger knows more about his niche and the content on it is often considered authoritative and reliable. Hence, selecting the right niche for blogging gives you authority and helps build trust with your audience, leading to more profitability. 

Have you ever wondered how you search for something on a search engine, and it instantly shows you some top-notch articles that directly relate to your search? These magic little words called ‘keywords’ are the reason behind that. 

While choosing the most profitable niche for blogging, you should be careful about the usage of the keyword. A keyword is a word that accurately describes the content of an article or a blog post.

Search engines are usually optimized to rank articles that contain most of the keywords that are present in your search. Hence, the smarter the use of keywords in your articles, the greater the chance of your article ranking high. 

There are many keyword searching tools available that you can use to find the right keywords to add to your article content.

This would help you rank higher and direct more audience toward your blog. Hence, using the right keywords in your articles and choosing the most profitable niche for blogging can take your blog to greater heights together!

When it comes to selecting your niche, the specific the better. With more and more people understanding how all of this works, the competition is sky-high. Therefore, you’ll need to stand out from the crown in your domain, and picking a non-crowded niche is the perfect way to go about it!

Here are the most profound benefits of picking a microniche:

  • You will have a like-minded community (Community of focus)
  • You will minimize competition
  • You will avoid spending unnecessary costs (Minimize costs/expenses)
  • It reinforces the uniqueness of your brand. The community sees you as their go-to destination for questions they might have (You and your Blog brand become special). Once they trust you, they are likely going to buy from you. 

How to Niche Down to the Most Profitable Niche for Blogging in 2023

Among the top 10 topics you selected above, pick your best 3 topics and develop a very detailed analysis on each of the 3. Follow these six simple steps to become a master blogger when it comes to niching down:

a. Next Level Research

 During this step, you need to research and find the top 5 competitors for each one of the 3 top topics you picked on Google. You can also use a free Semrush account to help you with the research. Mainly, check on the overall possible volume for the 3 competitors’ websites. 

b. Select a Niche That You Understand Well

Starting to write on topics that you barely know about is not really a smart move for a newbie blogger. Instead, you should pick the best profitable niche for blogging that you understand well and that you would enjoy writing on. 

Many bloggers set up their blogs but get bored after a few months because they lose interest in writing in that niche. Hence, it is important for you to pick a top profitable niche for blogging that will also keep you interested in the future. 

For example, if you have recently started hitting the gym and picking a more healthy outlook on life, you can choose that to write about.

This is something that you would have sufficient knowledge about to start with, and you’ll always be looking forward to learning more. 

You should always remember that the first step always matters the most and you will learn more along the way as you start your blogging journey.

c. Find Out If There Is a Paying Audience For This Niche

Before you finalize which is the best niche for blogging, there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself. One of which is how many people are interested in your niche and whether are they willing to pay to access the content.

Thinking along these lines would help you narrow down your options. Here are some things you should consider while choosing the most profitable niche for blogging in 2023:

Understandably so, if you plan to engage a large audience with your writing content, you need to estimate how large it is.

If there are any books or paid videos regarding your niche, that is a significant indicator that your best profitable niche has a large audience that will likely pay your blog some visits too. Check the tutorial about how to niche down using tools below.

This essentially means that it always helps if you are writing about a product that some big company is trying to sell out there. This can only represent that the company obviously has an audience that would like to know more about its product, and this way, you can grab the same audience for your blog.

For example, if your top profitable niche for blogging is writing about pet foods, then you should search pet foods and see whatever ads come up. Try to use the same keywords in your blog articles and then wait for the results.

d. Aim For a Smaller Niche — Less Competition

A very smart move would be to start with a low-demand yet top profitable niche for blogging that has the potential to grow over the years.

You see, when you start blogging in a very well-known niche, let’s say ‘losing body weight’ then you will obviously have a hard time competing with the top-notch heavily invested, and advertised companies and websites. 

However, if you pick out the most profitable niche that also caters to a very specific audience, you can get more for less work.

For example, if you decide to write about a very specific game that has a huge fan following, you are targeting the right audience, and that too in an interesting way!

e. Think About Niche Relevancy In the Future

When you are picking out the best profitable niche, you should be careful about observing its trends and how relevant it might be in the future.

If you select a niche that is going to be obsolete within the next decade, your blog would eventually die out, and you most certainly do not want that. 

To check for the most profitable niches for blogging in 2023 and their relevancy, you should observe their trends. You can use Google Trends to do that. Here’s how:

1) Head over to Google Trends

2) Enter the niche topic you picked out

3) Choose the country you are targeting your blog towards (For example United States, Japan, Germany, etc.)

4) Select the year range (For example 10 years)

f. Find Out If Your Selected Niche Is Profitable

To choose the top profitable niche for blogging, you should definitely consider its monetization trends. Many early bloggers find it hard to monetize their niches simply because sometimes there might not be enough advertisers who would like to monetize in that niche. 

Google Adsense is an amazing yet simple way to monetize your blog.

However, before directly jumping to monetization, you should check out other websites like your blog and see how they are particularly monetizing their articles. In other words, it always helps to know what your competitors are up to. 

Things you should look for when doing a competitor’s analysis:

  • Are they using Adsense or running direct ads for other brands?
  • Are they selling any product themselves or is it just monetization for other advertisers?
  • Are they offering any services that you can accommodate in your blog too?

How to Find Keywords with Less Competition for Fast Ranking Using the UberSuggest Tool

  1. After you sign up for UberSuggest, the next should be the screen you see. Enter the domain that you want to analyse and hit search as per the screenshot below: 
The following is a link to a Trinity Owen Keyword Training Book that will help you master the keywords Subject. I am very happy I bought the book.

After you hit “search”, you should get the next screenshot. On the screenshot, #1 shows the number of keywords and #2 the number of traffic for the domain. Your goal is to analyse the keywords and find those with higher volumes of visits that aren’t so competitive. Those should be the keywords to target. See screenshot below for keywords and volume for the domain.

2. Next, hit “Organic Keywords” (1) in the screenshot above to view the whole list of keywords. You should get the next screenshot. 

3. Then click on “View All SEO Keywords This Domain Ranks For” as shown above. You should get the next screenshot.

As you can see, this screenshot has keywords (#1), volume (#2), position (#3), Estimated # of visits (#4) and SEO Difficulty (#5). 

Remember, your goal is to find less competitive keywords that will relatively take less time to rank and cost less. The metrics to pay attention to here are Volume (#) and SEO Difficulty (#5). You have to take both of the 2 metrics into consideration…big volume, but also quite reasonably easy to rank. 

For the example above, all of the keywords have good enough volumes, however, as you can see under SEO Difficulty (#5), some keywords have SEO Difficulty highlighted in Purple which means very competitive or very difficult to rank for. The ones in the orange colour are still difficult to rank for, but easier than the ones in purple…those you can go for. Simple ones to rank for should be in green. Green means that the competition isn’t as fierce. 

4. Once you pick your keywords to rank for, you can also extend their reach even further by adding additional related keywords.

For example, let’s take the keyword: “Does Cat Get Bored” in the screenshot above: 

As labelled above, (#1) select Keyword Ideas, write down the keyword in (#2) and hit search (#3). You should get the table as labelled with numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7. (#7) shows additional keywords ideas that are related to the main keyword selection. You then should write your post content using a variation of those keywords. Taking a look at (#6), you can see that some of the additional keywords are in Green…which means that they are relatively easy to rank for. 

This is simply my way of selecting easy keywords to rank for and it isn’t a guarantee of anything. You should always do additional research as you please. Also remember, you don’t have to use UberSuggest to do this, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs etc…are other SEO tools that work just fine.

One thing I should mention is that I have a paid for account at UberSuggest and I probably can see more keywords than a free account can.

As I mentioned above, If you would like to learn about how to niche down and get keywords using a lot of different free tools, Trinity Owen has an amazing book at a very reasonable price…honestly for the price, it is more than worth it. I bought the book and it is one of the best investments I made. You can buy it at GET YOUR KEYWORDS TOGETHER

Alrighty! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? It is understandable that you are very excited to start your own blog but to make a few bucks you need to ensure that you pick the most profitable niche that corresponds to your skills as a writer. 

You should remember that choosing the most profitable niche for blogging would take some time, but it is worth it because it is an important part of the process. If you play your cards right, you should be earning through blogging successfully in no time. 

3. Get Domain and Hosting​

You can try Wordoid if you are not getting any idea, as it suggests good domain names. Remember that it must possess the following qualities;

  • It’s short, simple, and easy to understand.
  • Try to go for .com domains as it looks more professional.
  • Never use homophones, hyphens, or numbers in your domain name, but you can add dashes.
  • Never choose a complex or easily misspelled website name.

Setting up the hosting of your WordPress blog on any reliable server is another thing needed to kick-start your blog.

Hosting provides storage space to your blog where you can store your files in exchange for some subscription fee. It increases your website’s speed, uptime, performance, and security.

Hostinger and Bluehost offer the most affordable monthly and yearly subscriptions. Go and check that.

Personally, I prefer https://typesofpassiveincome.com/HostArmada because they simply offer more value and their customer service is top notch.

HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting

4. Learn the Basics of WordPress​

WordPress is a very beginner-friendly platform to kick-start your blogging career. You just need to learn some basics of WordPress, like;

  • How to add a new post
  • How to add plugins to your blog and how to effectively use them.
  • How to manage WordPress.

Watch some youtube videos to learn about the basics.

5. Choose a Catchy Theme for WordPress to Customize Your Blog​

Always try to follow a theme that matches your name, brand, and experience. Don’t get seduced by shining templates because it’s really necessary to understand your needs. 

To add your customized theme, go to the “Appearance section” at the side panel of the WordPress dashboard. Choose “themes.” You can go for ready-made themes or can also buy premium according to your preferences. 

You can use the “Feature filter,” which allows you to choose layout, features, and subjects according to your needs which is a terrific option, in my opinion. 

For a preview, you can click thumbnails, and if you feel satisfied, you can install that theme.

6. Add Plugins in WordPress​

SEO optimization is essential to rank your website on google. WordPress plugins are oddly satisfying in fulfilling your blog’s SEO and technical aspects. 

Text, video, and audio are all you need to create engaging content. Along with that, you must follow some writing guidelines from Google. This is what is called SEO.

You can use “Yoast SEO” or “Rankmath”. Go to WordPress Dashboard. Click plugins and then choose “Add new.” Many plugin options will be available to you. Choose any free or premium one and get started.

7. Start Writing SEO-Based Compelling Blogs/ Hire a Writer​

The next major and important step is to curate engaging blog posts. But the question is, what should you do? What should be the topic? Let’s make this daunting process easy by asking a few questions from your Google chrome.

Always try to add some value through your words. Generate a catchy header and hook your audience with some catchy phrases. Besides that, if you are high on budget and looking to make your business a brand by adding a personalized business blog in your space, you can also hire a content writer.

8. Persistence With Some Smart Work​

Most bloggers leave blogging just because of lack of persistence. This is the most commonly committed mistake made by bloggers leaving themselves on the verge of failure.

This world never accepts such a poor mindset and behavior. If you want to do something big, you have to get out of your bed; you have to be consistent, and you have to put in some hard work. 

To put you at ease, here are some tools for you.

  • Use the Editorial calendar to keep track of your blog and your persistence level. You can make an Excel spreadsheet in the Editorial calendar, set deadlines, and be conservative. If you leave following deadlines, it will lead to total quitting, so be strict with yourself.
  • You can select any of your friends or family members as your supervisor. First of all, create a new calendar in google calendars. You must add all your goals with name, description, and time zone. Then share that with your friend or family, who’ll supervise if you are keeping track. 

9. Some Other Practical Things to Make Easy Money​

  • Always search your competitors and their strategy.
  • Give proper heed to the SEO part and always follow the google guidelines to generate traffic.
  • Add value to your content by adding graphics, videos, catchy and explanatory pictures, and expert reviews.

10. Monetize your blog​

This is the most important and rewarding part of the blogging career. Audience building is the most crucial aspect of blogging that can generate high sales for you by converting your viewers into digital product buyers.

Always plan big, and from day 1, have an eye on the end goal, which is to monetize your blog. 

The Takeaway

If you really want to enjoy your blogging journey, there are a lot of things to understand. One easy mantra is;

Learn, generate, add value to someone’s life, and get rewarded.  So are you ready to build a successful blog as a beginner? Start today and let us know how it goes in the comments. You can also contact us on learn more about it!


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